India, 6 March, 2015
Will release omni-channel strategy soon – Kishore Biyani
BY S&A 7 August, 2014
BY S&A 7 August, 2014
Footwear industry demands ratonalization of excise duty
BY S&A 7 August, 2014

Khadim’s set to expand footprint

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

Khadim’s plans to increase its retail presence by opening 400 more retail outlets, taking the total tally to more than 1000. At the inauguration of its two new stores in Delhi, Khadim’s CEO Suman Burman Roy said, “At present the company has 650 ...

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BY S&A 7 August , 2014

‘Industry is disappointed’ The footwear industry welcomes the small concession offered in the Union budget. However, the industry is disappointed that the concessional excise duty has been limited to footwear up to Rs.1000 only. We believe ...

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Tanners identified as main Ganga river polluters

BY S&A 11 September , 2014

Tannery and leather related industrial units mainly in Kanpur and nearby areas are the main reason behind pollution of Ganga in Uttar Pradesh, a report of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has revealed while listing 972 polluting ...

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Farida group to step up focus on Chinese shoe market

BY S&A 11 September , 2014

Chennai-based Farida group has made a foray into the Chinese shoe market with four international brands including Clarks. The Farida group, which has shoe manufacturing facilities in and around Chennai and in Ambur, has already exported over one ...

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Farida group

Coach plans to shut 70 stores in fiscal 2015

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

New York-based luxury handbag maker Coach is preparing to close about 70 underperforming stores in fiscal 2015 in a bid to revive its disappointing revenue forecast for 2015 and make its business more competitive with fast-growing rivals. ...

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Wolverine Worldwide appoints new leaders

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

In a bid to strengthen its senior leadership team, Wolverine Worldwide announced that James D Zwiers has been appointed president of the international group while James A Gabel will be president of the performance group, which comprises the ...

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European report on leather authenticity labelling published

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

The first draft of ‘Impact Assesment on Leather Authenticity’, provides an in-depth analysis of the impact of mis-labelling of leather products on companies, on prices and costs in European leather industry and also on the environment and its ...

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Most expensive flipflops

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

The world’s most expensive flipflops by Chipkos cost a whopping $18,000. Handpainted by a renowned Los Angeles contemporary artist, David Palmer, who’s work is inspired by nature and language, and the invisible connections between things. The ...

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