India, 27 April, 2015
Will release omni-channel strategy soon – Kishore Biyani
BY S&A 7 August, 2014
BY S&A 7 August, 2014
Footwear industry demands ratonalization of excise duty
BY S&A 7 August, 2014

Will release omni-channel strategy soon – Kishore Biyani

BY S&A 7 August , 2014

Kishore Biyani’s Future Group is expected to come up with it’s omni-channel plan by this September. Biyani told a pink daily that as online and offline converge, omni-channel will lead the way. “Online selling, the way venture funded start-ups ...

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World Bank to finance relocation of Kanpur tanneries

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

Authorities in the leather city of Kanpur have been asked by the World Bank to transfer tanneries to a purpose-built industrial park equipped with an effluent treatment plant. The bank has also assured financial aid to these tanneries in order ...

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Delhi tops in online shopping by 15%

BY S&A 11 September , 2014

Over 67 per cent Delhiites prefer online shopping over the regular shopping because of available deals online than in brick and mortar. Also there is an advantage of free shipping with a click option, reveals a recent Associated Chamber of ...

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International e-tailers selling in India may get registered under Companies Act

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

If the Companies Act of 2013 gets implemented by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs then international online apparel/fashion retailers selling in the country may have to register themselves here. The Gazette of India issued by the Ministry of ...

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Cotance: To label or not to label

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

Europe’s leather sector is competitive worldwide with exports of leather and leather goods pegged in terms of €9 billion per year– the same as it was before the onslaught of the economic downturn. This was stated by Dr Jean-François Aguinaga, ...

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Wolverine Worldwide appoints new leaders

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

In a bid to strengthen its senior leadership team, Wolverine Worldwide announced that James D Zwiers has been appointed president of the international group while James A Gabel will be president of the performance group, which comprises the ...

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Most expensive flipflops

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

The world’s most expensive flipflops by Chipkos cost a whopping $18,000. Handpainted by a renowned Los Angeles contemporary artist, David Palmer, who’s work is inspired by nature and language, and the invisible connections between things. The ...

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Intertek opens elaborate testing lab for garment, footwear

BY S&A 8 August , 2014

Intertek Asia has opened the biggest testing laboratory in Dhaka to support the country’s growing garment and footwear industry. This lab will provide one-stop services for diverse industries in the region from testing fabric samples and ...

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