A pair of shoes can make or break your look, and enable you to stand apart in any setting, be it professional or social. Shoes undoubtedly form an essential part in a man’s wardrobe and serve as a key ingredient in highlighting the desired look for every outfit.

By: Jyoti Mohan Narula, MD, JOE SHU

Our shoes say a lot about us. It is also the first thing that people subconsciously notice in us. Known to be serving as a status symbol since ages, shoes highlight the persona of a man. It speaks about the personal style of a man and can give a sharp edge or provide a subtle touch of elegance tohis entire look. A pair of shoes can make or break your look; and enable you to stand apart in any setting, be it professional or social. Shoes undoubtedly form an essential part in a man’s wardrobe and serve as a key ingredient in highlighting the desired look for every outfit.

Today, the millennials are very well aware of the ongoing global fashion trends and try to keep themselves aligned with the latest styles. Increase in spending pattern and access to latest trends have given them a wide option to experiment with their looks, both for formal and informal occasions. Today’s generation is one of fashion enthusiasts and who want to move beyond the classics and experiment. Keeping in mind the kind of lifestyle we are living, having a great pair of shoes is not a luxury anymore but indeed a necessity.

Gone are the days when men used to own just 2-3 pairs of shoes for basis occasions. Today there are a variety of styles available for men pertaining to occasions ranging from dress shoes, oxfords, derbies, monk-straps, brogues, moccasins, loafers, slip-ons, boots, sneakers and a lot more. Therefore, choosing the right pair of shoes for an occasion is as important as choosing an outfit.

Listed below are a few shoe styles for fashion connoisseurs to rock their suit and dressy look for cocktail/wedding parties:

Tassel slip-on loafers: Elegant and stylish, tassel loafers are quite trending and raise a man’s fashion quotient effortlessly. A pair of tassel loafers with cord stitch is a must-have style for those going for cocktail parties. Apart from tassels, fringes are also gaining popularity amongst fashion enthusiasts. A pair of in black patent leather can be the wisest option for a groom to rock his tuxedo look at a cocktail party. On the other hand, those opting for pastel shade suits can team up their outfit with tassel loafers in shades of wine, olive, burgundy and tan. It is recommended not to wear socks with these slip-ons.

Double Monk Strap Shoes: A pair of double monk strap shoes with strappy saddles crafted in leather gives a chic look. This style tends to draw attention and is highly noticeable because of its detailing. The versatility of a double monk strap shoe is second to none. It can be worn for multiple occasions in various settings, and colour plays a crucial role in heightening its appearance. For an evening wedding reception – one can opt for rich tones like brown, burgundy and oxblood colours to team up with three-piece suits or chinos and blazers. While at a cocktail party, a single monk strap shoes in leather in classic hues of black, dark brown or burgundy will make you stand out in a crowd when teamed with dressy shirts and chinos.

Two-Toned Brogues: The much trending two-toned shoes are a bold statement and adding them to your closet amplifies your personal style to a great extent. The intricate design of this spectator shoe gives off a timeless feel that sets your look apart from the typical contemporary style.It is essential to coordinate colours while wearing double toned shoes to create that balanced look. Draw attention to your footwear by pairing a bold two-toned shoe with a monochrome outfit. If your shoe is of a darker shade, go for an outfit with light colours to create emphasis on the shoe and vice versa. These shoes look best when teamed up with narrow/slim fit pants.

Brogue Wingtip Moccasins: A wingtip style is an ideal option for those going for parties and weddings. It is decorated with a W-shaped patch of leather stitched on the top of the toe with fine broguing throughout. Crafted in premium patent leather, this style can be carried off easily for a wedding look when teamed with blazers or jackets and chinos. It is also an ideal option for those heading for a party or a cocktail night; this style brings out a dynamic styling essence when teamed with shirts or blazers.

Lace-Ups in patent leather: Lace-Ups are the most basic and timeless staples. A pair of black formal lace-ups in patent leather is a must-have for every man going for a formal or social event. The limited stitching gives a sleek and sophisticated look to the overall outfit. It is one of the safest options to opt for a wedding reception or a cocktail party with the right dressing. Teaming it with a jacket in muted shades and trouser with a colour-blocked shirt will add a contrasting effect to the whole outfit making it perfect for a wedding party. When paired with the right socks, patent leather shoes can be easily worn along with a bright colour jacket and chinos for a cocktail party.


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