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Assocalzaturifici Reaffirms Giovanni Ceolini as President, Outlines Vision for the Sector


Italy, March, 2024

Assocalzaturifici, the association representing over 450 companies in Italy’s footwear manufacturing sector, has confirmed Giovanni Ceolini as President. Ceolini’s tenure is set to prioritize sustainability, digitalization, innovation, and the promotion of Made in Italy craftsmanship, with a particular focus on attracting young talent to the industry.

Milan, Italy. MICAM 97. MICAM X, Giovanna Colìni, President of Assocalzaturifici and Micam.

In a statement released by the association, it was outlined that Ceolini’s presidency will be guided by a commitment to fostering sustainability, embracing digitalization, and driving innovation within the sector. With an emphasis on the tertiary sector’s role in driving industry development, Ceolini aims to make footwear manufacturing an attractive career choice for the younger generation.

“It is indeed with great emotion that I face this mandate of mine,” commented Ceolini. “We have a challenging job ahead of us. We have to respond to a conjuncture that is not easy, in a geopolitical framework dominated by uncertainty, with initiatives and projects that support our companies in international markets. Today, more than ever, it is important to put the interests of the industry, and therefore our Association, back at the centre,” she urged.

Ceolini emphasized the importance of promoting Italian-made footwear globally, consolidating existing markets, and exploring opportunities in emerging markets. Additionally, she highlighted the significance of forging closer partnerships with technical institutes and vocational schools to foster generational change within the industry.

Under Ceolini’s leadership, Assocalzaturifici will also focus on supporting third-party companies, advocating for traditional Italian craftsmanship, and implementing comprehensive sustainability strategies.

Working alongside Ceolini are key vice presidents including Giuseppe Baiardo for Training and Orientation, Luisa Benigno for Business Culture and Productive Strategies, Giuseppe Camerlengo for International Affairs, and Valentino Fenni for Russia, the C.S.I. area, and Made in Italy initiatives.

As Assocalzaturifici moves forward under Giovanni Ceolini’s presidency, the association remains dedicated to advancing Italy’s footwear manufacturing sector while embracing sustainability, innovation, and digitalization.