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CLE to participate in Fashion World Tokyo Fair, October 11-13, 2017


Japanese economy is reported to be recovering very strongly and India has signed the Indo-Japan Preferential Trade Agreement, under which import duties for certain categories of Leather Products & Footwear will be reduced and exporters may take advantage of this more favorable situation to make inroads into the Japanese market. Fashion World Tokyo is the best platform to expand business in Japan. FASHION WORLD TOKYO would attract 30,000 visitors in its October 2017 edition, which is scheduled on October 11-13, 2017 Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake Bay, Tokyo. India’s export of leather & leather products to Japan has been increasing in recent years and touched US $ 63.97 million in 2016-17. However, Japan’s total import of leather & leather products was about US $ 7986.77 Million during 2016; Footwear being the major item with imports at about US $ 5160.58 Million..in 2016  However, India’s export of Footwear to Japan was only US $ 36.79 Million in 2016-17.  Similarly, although the import of Leather Goods into Japan was US$ 2259.10 Million (2016), India’s export of Leather Goods to Japan was only US$ 18.07 million (2016-17). Hence there exists considerable opportunities to further increase India’s export of Footwear and Leather products to Japan. In the last edition of the Fashion world Tokyo, November 2016 there were exhibitors from 37 countries from Italy, Portugal, brazil, Mexico, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, Malasiya, Republic of Trinidad and tobogo, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia Mongolia, spain, German, India, Canada Denmark, Taiwan, Finland etc. The Council for Leather Exports has planned to participate in this important and specialized fair in Japan under MAI Funding followed by last year participation in the Fashion World Tokyo November 2016 under MAIS Scheme.