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Milan’s Fashion and Accessories Trade Fairs Conclude with Strong Visitor Turnout

Milan, Italy. MICAM 97. MICAM X, Giovanna Colìni, President of Assocalzaturifici and Micam.

The simultaneous occurrence of four prominent trade fairs dedicated to fashion and accessories at Fieramilano from February 18 to 22 culminated in a satisfactory conclusion. The organizing body expressed contentment with the closing figures, attributing them to the influx of international trade visitors, which signals stability amid challenging economic conditions.

Visitors at MICAM 97.

The collective fairs, including MICAM Milano, MIPEL, The One Milano, and Milano Fashion&Jewels, collectively hosted 40,821 visitors, with 45% originating from overseas. Notably, Germany, Spain, and Greece led the way among EU attendees, while Japan, China, Kazakhstan, and the United Kingdom demonstrated positive attendance from non-European markets.

Operating under the banner of #GREATIFY, the fairs presented a united front to the market, emphasizing a forward-looking approach and engagement with new generations. Beyond fostering business opportunities, there was a visible commitment to innovation, underscored by initiatives aimed at modernizing production processes through digitalization and the integration of cutting-edge technologies across represented sectors.

Moreover, numerous workshops and educational events enriched the experience during the event days, with a particular emphasis on engaging young individuals and educational institutions. This focus on youth and academia is deemed crucial in bridging the gap to the workforce for upcoming generations.

The subsequent edition of these trade fairs is slated to occur from September 15 to 18 at Fieramilano Rho.