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Super Kicks By Truffle Collection


Truffle Collection, a premium footwear brand for women unveils its “Super Kicks” collection for everyday wearability. Extremely à la mode this season, these ultra-futuristic runners are here to let you embrace comfort with the right quotient of vogue.It’s about time to ditch high heels and sport these chunky high-shift sneakers which are the hottest trend this fall.

A must-have for every shoedrobe, this collection is an ode to a throwback design which has reached its zenith in fashion this autumn. Featuring ultra-modish styles with exaggerated sole and garish details, this range is bound to accentuate any lookfrom head to toe. The intricate detailing on each pair topped with its classic shape is totally worth digging for. The supportive and cushioned feel in these pumped-up sneakers makes it versatile for any look. Detailed with diamante, these oversized lace-up sneakers make the outfit look sassier yet effortlessly stylish.

Spruce up your style game by giving in to this timeless 90s trend and sport the coolest pair in this range. Each pair can be paired with trendy casuals for a head-turning look. So, ship out those same old mundane trends and put your best foot forward in our Super Kicks collection.

Vijay Pal Singh Johal, Director, Truffle Collection, says, “Our Super Kicks Collection offers a range of sneakers with matchless durability for your various “day in life” scenarios as you step outin style and comfort carrying the hottest trends along.”