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Von Wellx Germany unveils Red Russet


Von Wellx Germany – the first ever healthy footwear brand in India has unveiled its collection called Red Russet. Just as flattering during the winter and autumn as they are in summers, these richly colored red shoes when paired with any outfit will create a stylish and tactile look.

The collection showcases an amalgamation of different footwear styles like oxfords, loafers and boots in a variety of red hues ranging from maroons to burgundy and oxblood. These footwear are a perfect way to jazz up a business look and at the same time are ideal for adding contrast to a pair or dark jeans or chinos. It is composed of breathable leather that will expel moisture and will ensure all day comfort during monsoon. The footwear at Von Wellx Germany are made of 5 bed zone reflex technology.

Ashish Jain, Director & CEO, Von Wellx Germany says, “the warm color footwear adds a fun factor to the overall look and makes you stand out from the crowd. Every man should at least own a pair of maroon or burgundy hues that complements your uber style. At Von Wellx Germany, we ensure style and health benefits to our customers in one.”