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Zoya takes centre stage with Rahul Mishra at Paris Fashion Week

Rahul Mishra with models at the event

Zoya, the diamond boutique from the House of Tata, showcased its rare jewellery, at fashion’s most iconic showcase Paris Fashion Week 2019 at renowned fashion designer Rahul Mishra’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection presentation. With its heart in India and an eye on the world, the glamourous show at Palais de Tokyo, presented sublime traditional craft in modern form with a global design language.

Zoya and Rahul Mishra’s presentation found synergy in themes of nature and architecture. A highlight of the show was the preview of a selection from Zoya’s yet-to-be-launched collection inspired by the fluidity and sensuality of baroque architecture, sculpture and paintings. Meticulously crafted in unique colour and texture of gold, the collection uses both cut and uncut diamonds with precious stones to present a radically new design aesthetic for fine jewellery. From the seasons of Kashmir arises Zoya’s Whispers from the Valley, where rows of tulips, orchids of green apples, snow-capped peaks and trees of the iconic Chinar inspire this stunning range of jewels. Zoya’s 6299 Hollywood Blvd. is inspired by different eras that capture the glamour of Hollywood’s most iconic periods; from the essence of flapper fashion of the 1920s to the art deco of the 1950s and the red carpet looks of the 2000s. Pezzo D’Arte is a modern interpretation of classical Italian wonders, lovingly crafted into wearable little fragments of history.

Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head, Zoya-A Tata Product said, “Zoya is a brand of luxury diamond jewellery that is deeply artistic and appeals to a very discerning woman. We are delighted to partner with Rahul Mishra, as there is synergy in approach. Both design houses use authentically unique design language that translates traditional craft into contemporary form with global appeal. Zoya has always prided itself on the distinguished design and exquisite craftsmanship of its products and over the last decade, has built a reputation for its very selective, handpicked associations, that are based on design and aesthetic. With Paris Fashion Week Zoya reaches out to international audiences as well.”

Speaking about his collection Rahul said, “My collection is inspired an incessantly growing metropolis, akin to a magnanimous organism germinating into maturity. It redefines the very idea of growth and life. The collection amalgamates our unending love for nature and the fascinating phenomenon of human dwellings. We are thrilled to collaborate with Zoya Jewels for the runway presentation of our SS 2020 collection at the Paris Fashion Week. The jewellery is exquisite and very contemporary and sits beautifully with our clothes  and extends from the same theme. It complements the looks and adds a whole new dimension of modernity and charm to them.”