Home NEWS Aldo Group to Manufacture Bags and Leather Goods for ABG’s Hunter Brand

Aldo Group to Manufacture Bags and Leather Goods for ABG’s Hunter Brand


ABG’s Hunter brand is set to venture into the realm of accessories through a strategic partnership with the Aldo Group. This collaboration aims to harness Aldo’s extensive experience in handbag manufacturing to bring forth a collection of accessories that embody Hunter’s rich heritage while catering to consumers’ preferences for quality, style, and functionality.

Jarrod Weber, Group President of Lifestyle and Chief Brand Officer at ABG, expressed satisfaction in expanding their relationship with the Aldo Group. He highlighted the opportunity to translate Hunter’s timeless essence into a diverse range of accessories, resonating with a broader audience.

Authentic Brands Group (ABG), which acquired the intellectual property of Hunter in June 2023, sees this partnership as a means to further elevate the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship. Leveraging Aldo’s expertise, they aim to introduce Hunter’s distinct aesthetic to consumers in new and compelling ways.

Jonathan Frankel, President of Aldo Product Services at the Aldo Group, emphasized the company’s excitement in collaborating with an iconic brand like Hunter. With over five decades of experience in the bags business, Aldo is well-positioned to expand and enhance Hunter’s offerings, capitalizing on its strong heritage and ability to seamlessly blend fashion and functionality.

This venture builds upon existing licensing agreements between ABG and the Aldo Group for renowned brands such as Sperry, Roxy, Brooks Brothers, and Ted Baker. The partnership signifies a strategic alignment of expertise and brand vision to drive innovation and appeal in the accessories market.