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Puma launches first global brand campaign in a decade


Puma has rolled out its inaugural global campaign in a decade, highlighting the brand’s enduring association with speed, a trait deeply ingrained since its inception in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. Dassler’s vision was to craft footwear that mirrored the agility, swiftness, and nimbleness of a puma. Titled “See The Game Like We Do: FOREVER. FASTER.”, the campaign aims to underscore Puma’s identity as the world’s foremost sports brand for velocity.

This initiative marks Puma’s most significant investment to date, as emphasized by Richard Teyssier, the Vice President of Brand and Marketing. Over the course of the year, the campaign will permeate across all performance categories, including football, running, basketball, and handball. The messaging will be disseminated through a comprehensive media mix, delivering an emotionally charged and distinctive brand narrative tailored to resonate with its target audience.

The campaign will showcase a roster of elite athletes, among them Antoine Griezmann, Breanna Stewart, Christian Pulisic, Felix Streng, Jack Grealish, Javier Balcazar “Chicharito”, Karsten Warholm, Kai Havertz, Lamelo Ball, Luis Suarez, Memphis Depay, Mondo Duplantis, Neymar Jr., Sergio Aguero, Shericka Jackson, Yaroslava Mahuchikh, and many others.

Arne Freundt, the CEO of Puma, reflected on the significance of speed as Puma’s quintessential superpower. He noted that speed has been instrumental in reshaping the game, exemplified by renowned figures like Mondo Duplantis, Karsten Warholm, Neymar Jr., and Breanna Stewart. Puma’s aim is to inspire individuals to transcend their boundaries, unlock their fullest potential, and evolve into enhanced versions of themselves, thus aligning with the brand’s ethos of FOREVER. FASTER.