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Alibaba Wants to Help Foreign Firms Break Into China


The cloud arm of Chinese tech giant Alibaba is making a big push to get Western firms using its services when they try to enter the Chinese market. Alibaba Cloud, which claims to be the largest public cloud provider in China, has unveiled a new program called AliLaunch, which provides opportunities for joint ventures, wholesaling, and “marketplace partnerships.”

The company described AliLaunch as a business-to-business version of TMall, the Alibaba e-commerce platform that provides stores for brands. Alibaba also launched a program called the “global technology partners marketplace,” through which tech companies can get their services integrated with and hosted in Alibaba’s cloud.

The AliLaunch program and Global Technology Partners Marketplace serve as the perfect platforms for making different software products accessible to businesses and organizations in China
Sicheng Yu, the general manager of Alibaba Cloud Global.

In short, Alibaba is hoping that foreign firms will take up the offer of its expertise in negotiating the local market, both in terms of what it calls “technology compatibility” and Chinese compliance regulations.

China has proven to be a difficult market for some Western firms, particularly in the business-to-consumer sector.

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