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A brand of love: SwanInd


While labels are not top of mind for everyone, for Managing Director A. R. Senthil Kumar and his team at Swansind they certainly are. They have taken their enthusiasm across retail stores.

AR. Senthil Kumar is a man who enjoys the challenge of thinking and responding quickly to the traces of a marketplace. The start-up began with a humble set up and has since grown to multifold in a short span of time. It’s a company that’s playing a significant role in a women footwear sector – using technology to transform the sectorial landscape via sophisticated multichannel marketing and trendy offers. It’s been quite the journey, and Senthil has been relishing the challenges ever since. He shares the brands journey so far with S&A…

OMR2Are You Looking At Increasing The Store Footprints Through MBO’S?
Yes Definitely, Presently, we are retailing our products through valuable MBO’S and have achieved the numbers that we had targeted out of them. Also, would like to share that our Brand growth and reputation has been cumulating day by day through our MBO’S. We are in talks with certain new chains for expanding our business. Our focus is to add at least 100 retail shops through these MBO’s within the next financial year.

Are You Looking At Doubling The Business In The Next Couple Of Years As it Widens Product Port Folio?
We have plans to rope in more MBO’s and in the first phase plan to open our own retail outlets in 60 major cities of Tamil nadu, Kerala, Andra Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka & Maharashtra to build our brand and penetrate into the market. Along with it we would plan to offer franchisees and have tie ups with local, national and international MBO’s. The target is between 100-150 outlets in the next two years.


    • Established in the Year 2016 with great passion and fine craftsmanship.
    • Partnership firm – Mr. A. R. SENTHIL KUMAR and Mr. K. F. SHAMSUDDIN.
    • 300 plus stylish models of sandals &Shoes.
    • Showrooms at NUNGABAKKAM (Ispahani Centre) &OMR(Navalur) in Chennai.
    • Leading Leather manufacturers and exporter – RATHNAM LEATHERS & SUEDE CRAFT EXPORTS.
    • Major leather exporters to USA, UK, ITALY, CHINA, FRANCE , GERMANY, BRAZIL and many more.


Do You Plan To Expand The Brand To A Pure Casual Or Formal Footwear Brand.
Presently, we would plan to grow only on casual women’s footwear collections. The formals are in the planning phase and will be in the market in the near future. Meanwhile, all other segments in formals and casuals for girls and women will follow.
How Do You Plan To Stay Ahead Of The Curve in this competitive segment?
We need not worry on this too much. We are very competitive on quality, pricing and stylingto take on any leading brands in the country. We have leather tanning and processing units, a strong team of designers both domestic and international who take care on all the aspects to produce consistent products.

What Would Be Your Online Strategy.
We have a dedicated on-line business portal “ SWANSIND “ for B2B and B2C. Our products are available at top online retail businesses like Flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal & shopclues etc. Strategically, we plan to market our products through top 10 online retailers within the next financial year.Also, we are marketing our products via social platforms like Facebook.

Are You Working To Increase Penetration?
We have successfully launched our women’s segment and growing rapidly. We are working onour genuine leather products to be reach pan India.

What Is Your Investment Plan-Operations As Well As Marketing?
Our plan is to romp in leading designers from Italy, build the manufacturing scale and flood the markets with our genuine leather formal and casual foot wear, since we are already pioneers in the export of finished leather industry. We have a well-oiled setup right from designing to marketing and in the process of positioning our brands with the leading manufacturers of this industry. On the marketing front, our investment would depend on the demand generated in the particular segmentthat turns out to be the most successful in the future.
Who Are The Target Audiences-Mainly Youngsters-Men’s Shoes and If You Look At Extending To Other


Demographics What Are The Broad Challenges?
Being an women’s designers footwear our target audiences is teen girls to mid-age group women.
Accordingly To You, How Has The Indian Shoe Market In General Developed In The Last Couple Of Years?
We have seen that more marketing is done in the visual media and through online retailers.

How Have You Worked To Keep The Your Brands Buzz Alive?
Our products range are to target the middle & low income groups. We plan to have many MBO’s as business partners.We have schemes and target segments in place to keep the buzz alive.



What Would Be Your 2017-18 Targets, In Respect To Markets, Numbers & Products?
As shared earlier, we shall be targeting retail outlets in 60 major cities of the south. The target is between 100-150 outlets in the next two years.

The Present Budget Was Aimed To Bring Back Growth In Rural Markets. When Do You See That Coming? And Does It Help Your Company?
Yeah Of Course! Yes the present budget was aimed to bring back growth in rural markets & it definitely help our company. Our aim in this segment is to have many MBO’s as business partners.

NAG_5522-webHow did slowing growth affect your brand ?
Our products range are to target the middle & low income groups, since foot wear is essential product, the slowing in growth might not hamper the sales. We have schemes and target segments in place to counter this.

To what extent have you customized your products keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the Indian consumer?
Fashion and comfort , pricing, brand building etc

How long do you expect to absorb growing raw material prices?
Another 2 years time the market would command its justified price, till then we shall work around to regulate & absorb the cost.

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