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SHOETECH 2020 , The Virtual Show 23rd – 28th November 2020

16th oct,2020: IFCOMA kick started the SHOETECH 2020 virtual series along with Shoes & Accessories as media partner to analyse the current issues for the footwear components and accessories sectors. On 16th Oct’20, a webinar was organized on charting new success stories in the new business era by going digital. This webinar was a precursor to the upcoming mega event Shoetech 2020. With digital becoming a constant need for companies and retailers, creating a website may seem to be an obvious first step. But what you do on that site can make or break you.

Shoes & Accessories, known for throwing high experience events and content, along with Soul Works Digital, an avant garde digital company
innovative digital marketing techniques gave a chance to dive deep into the digital transformation. The webinar covered a host of industry topics, including social media marketing, local SEO, and content marketing. The goal of the webinar was to provide IFCOMA members with the pertinent information that they’ll need to succeed in today’s quickly changing digital marketing landscape.

In the pandemic hit world, some firms are struggling to secure budget to generate awareness and new customers. One solution to the New Normal economic and social environment is to endow the marketing team to build brand via digital means. In his presentation, Gaurav Chibber, Soulworks Digital outlined five key strategies to build a corporate brand, including content writing and social media engagement.

Amit Chopra, MD Shoes & Accessories, hosted the webinar discussing how digitalization has grown over the past few years along with how individuals and brands now have an opportunity to engage prospects and customers in a new, compelling, and affordable way. According to him its about convergence. Footwear as well as component manufacturers need to get into Digital Prototyping, 3d Designing, Digital Sampling, Create engaging websites, Fit & Style Analytics. Most importantly to create Digital Showrooms, B2b e-platforms, Digital catalogue and Virtual Showrooms.

Glimpses of the Webinar session

Most important take away was, how does your whole organization create amazing buying experiences? Earlier, one would look at the world through the lens of Shoes & Accessories, known for throwing high experience events and content, that specializes in assuming- We have got a great product and We have an amazing sales and distribution system to sell it. However, Today the firms need to flip the eyeglasses around and ask themselves, “How do I design remarkable buying experiences?”

So, if you have a great product and you have an amazing salespeople to do that, All you need is to Leverage the technology.

All you need is a digital push.

IFCOMA along with Shoes & Accessories plans to organize a series of edutainment webinars in the coming weeks.

Watch out for the dates on the next live webinar.