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Metro Brands continues its exclusive retail collaboration with Crocs India


Metro Brands Limited (MBL) has prolonged its exclusive retail collaboration with Crocs India Limited (CIL). The extension is formalized through a retail partnership pact, with certain modifications in the agreement terms, notably granting MBL sole privileges to manage and possess Crocs ‘full price’ outlets across the western and southern regions of India and an extension in the remaining duration of the contract.

Moreover, MBL will retain the rights to sustain, renew, and oversee all existing outlets currently operational in the Northern & Eastern territories of India.

The collaboration, which commenced in 2008, began with the incorporation of Crocs’ merchandise within MBL’s multi-brand stores. In 2015, this collaboration intensified as the brands signed a non-exclusive retail licensing agreement.

This agreement empowered MBL to distribute Crocs merchandise in India, aligning seamlessly with MBL’s mission of introducing global brands to India and furnishing a vibrant retail experience to its clientele. Presently, MBL manages over 200 exclusive Crocs stores across India.

Sumit Dhingra, VP & General Manager, India, Middle East & Africa, Crocs, said, “Metro  Brands has truly excelled in elevating Crocs’ presence in India. They have played a pivotal role  in translating our unique value proposition of self-expression, personalization and iconic comfort  – into a retail experience that resonates deeply with Indian consumers. As our valued partners,  they’ve been instrumental in our success story. We’re excited to continue this journey together,  broadening our reach and unlocking even more possibilities for our customers in India.” 

Nissan Joseph, CEO, Metro Brands Limited, said, “Our partnership with Crocs has been truly  extraordinary, and we are poised for further growth in advancing Crocs’ presence in our country.  At Metro Brands, our dedication remains steadfast in delivering a world-class retail experience  and owning the customer’s footwear wardrobe. The journey ahead is filled with limitless possibilities  and milestones, and we are confident about the exciting future with Crocs that lies ahead.” 

Within the MBL portfolio, a plethora of brands, including renowned Indian labels like Metro Shoes, Mochi, Walkway, and popular international selections like Crocs and FitFlop, have thrived. The company also recently unveiled a strategic alliance with the US-based footwear titan Foot Locker, and with Fila already onboard, MBL is geared up to enhance the athletic wear culture in India.