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Swiss brand ‘de Sede’ launches first line of handbags and accessories in India


de Sede, the Swiss leading manufacturer of exclusive leather, announced the launch of their finest assortment of exquisite handbags and accessories in India. The celebratory unveiling was hosted at the Embassy of Switzerland by Dr. Andreas Baum – Ambassador of Switzerland to India and Bhutan and Monika Walser, CEO, de Sede Switzerland.

With roots in long-standing and deep-seated leather expertise, de Sede’s prolific portfolio of unique leather products and services are of high repute globally.

Monika Walser, CEO, de Sede Switzerland

de Sede’s journey started with unique furniture sculptures that awaken all the senses of people worldwide, turning heads with each creation. Every one of our master craftsmen at our manufacture in Klingnau, Switzerland answers to that call. Our roots are our long-standing and deep-seated leather expertise which allow for stable growth of the stem – our manufacture. Taking the proficiency in leather upholstered furniture, de Sede extends the elegance to its exquisite line of handbags and accessories in India.

Commenting on the launch of de Sede handbags and accessories in India, Monika said, “India today is seen as one of the most promising, emerging markets in the world. It is probably the right time to be in India and be a part of the India growth story. But even more important is to find the right people, who appreciate our quality and design. Therefore, we only enter in a market when we find dedicated people. So we launched our furniture in India few years back and have seen an excellent response and we are very confident that the handbag collection will also be well received and appreciated in India.”

The new de Sede bags are made with the same nuance for detail, partly handcrafted, using the finest leather specially handcrafted for the handbag collection and carries the unique craftsmanship of the manufacture into the world. The 13 models offer everything that a high on style and quality focused individual would expect to add to their wardrobe. The accessories are produced from the same high quality, premium leather and enhanced with the same seaming techniques that have been handed down for generations.

The precise connecting and decorative seams by de Sede are today considered milestones in seaming technique, and are applied by hand on every model. The design is rounded off with a stylish language that has been carefully planned down to the smallest detail.

The gala evening also marked a special announcement by de Sede pertaining to the India market on an exclusive collaboration with couturier Varun Bahl. de Sede’s expertise with fine leather amalgamates with Varun Bahl’s attention to detail embroidery that brings forth a special capsule of handbags.

Commenting on de Sede’s collaboration with Varun Bahl, Monika said, “India is a very important market for us at de Sede. In our bid to show further commitment to this market and take back a part of India through our bag collection to the world, we decided to collaborate with an Indian designer who represents the ethos of Indian art and marries it with the de Sede philosophy and strength in leather. We hope to jointly create iconic products which will be known for generations just like our furniture.”

The grand evening reception saw a gathering of the Capital city’s tastemakers, luxury connoisseurs and delegates who were presented with a unique experience of de Sede’s magnificence and legacy. On display were the brand’s latest collection of handbags and accessories as well as the special edition DS-Angel Clutch.

Today, de Sede presents itself as a leading manufacturer of exclusive upholstered furniture and leather accessories. Out of the original small workshop, the company has emerged that employs over 110 people and distributes furniture in more than 69 countries, including the United States and Russia, the GCC countries, and even emerging markets such as China.

de Sede handbags and accessories will be available in India at de Sede stores and Luxury boutique stores across India along with online luxury platforms like Tata Cliq Luxury and Elitify. The collection will be priced at a range starting at Rs 8,900 to Rs 3 crores for limited edition bags.

About de Sede:
de Sede AG is owned by the Volare Group AG Switzerland and Monika Walser. In addition to the global de Sede brand, the manufactory in Klingnau also produces furniture for the FSM brand. Nearly 110 people work for de Sede Switzerland around the world. de Sede AG manufactures more than 11,500 pieces of furniture each year, of which 70% is exported and distributed in over 69 countries. On a production area of 11,000 m2, de Sede AG processes around 70,000 m2 of top-quality leather each year and presents you 107 current models and 13 handbags and accessories models.