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Trusox India Announces Rohit Sharma as Brand Ambassador


Global sports brand Trusox, which is now available in India, has announced star cricketer Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador. While making the announcement, the cricketer was joined by Sanil Sachar, one of the co-owners of the global sports brand.

Trusox has come to India after becoming the preferred socks for top international athletes across sports around the world. Trusox is made for sportspeople by sportspeople. It brings to India revolutionary, performance enhancing grip socks, maximizing the grip sportspeople get within their footwear with its patented IN//EXtech, non-slip performance pads, on the inside and outside of the socks.

Originally, Trusox is an innovation by Jim Cherneski, a former footballer, coach and innovator of the Trusox technology. He first made Trusox from his home whilst playing and coaching Crystal Palace Baltimore (United States of America) Football Club. The idea had its first iteration in 2007, much before it was a company or even a brand that was soon worn by the best in class sportspeople in the world, and by 2013 have around 10 per cent of the Premier League wearing it. Currently, in football alone, there are estimates of over 45 per cent of the English Premier League wearing it, whereas it is also widely used across other sports such as cricket, rugby, running, cycling, to name a few. Internationally, Trusox sells out of 1000 stores; and in India it is available on Amazon and Trusox.in.

Speaking on the occasion, cricketer Rohit Sharma said, “It’s a great brand and I have seen a lot of footballers and cricketers use Trusox. Technology is something that I always look forward to, especially when it enhances your performance on the field. Trusox has been an essential part of my kit as it helps boost my performance. I look forward to a long partnership with them.”

Adding his views, Sanil Sachar said, “Rohit is an ambassador for Trusox purely because he stands for being a true athlete that can take charge of any situation and lead the team. His passion for the country and game is seen in his calm yet explosive performances, where he has shown why he is loved by billions.”

With close to million dollars investment by Sanil, the only co-owner from India he said, “The technology is as proprietary as it can get. So much so, that internally we don’t even associate to these as socks. They are a sports performance equipment, nothing like there has been before in this space. Every team member, who is a part of our growth story has played sports at the highest levels, and understands that for a sportsperson to stay true to their performance, getting a grip on the game as they train is the number one step. The motivation is to make their best better, by providing state of the art apparel that just doesn’t look great but feels great too, through our proprietary technology. Having begun our journey with football, where we are proud to support the top footballers such as Gareth Bale, Raheem Sterling, Luis Suraez, to name a few, adorning and ruling over the football pitch wearing their Trusox, we are now present across the world in nine sports.”

Now in India, the aim is to power the sports ecosystem by supporting athletes across sports from their very first step, and much beyond the finish line.

“There is an evident rise in sports being played across levels in the country. We are a nation that is soaring towards the top of ranking charts, and for this reason, while public and private bodies create infrastructure to further support performers, we see the rise in performance gear as a pivotal support function, helping athletes through each step. Your kit is the first part of your preparation and that’s where we want to be supporting every sportsperson,” added Sanil.