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Von Wellx Germany India unveils ‘The Healthy Kicks’


Keeping up with the sneaker trend, Von Wellx Germany India unveils its new collection of sneakers namely ‘The Healthy Kicks’. The classic assemblage of breathable leather and extraordinary designs crafted for utmost care, health and durability unites perfectly in this collection, while exhibiting flawless texture.

Offering numerous styles, ranging from High Rollers to Chunky Soles, the collection also takes care of its patrons by providing the utmost health benefits. The 5-bed zone reflex technology not only provides soft massage to the feet all day and relieves heel, knee and back pain but also prevents fungus growth and increases blood circulation in the body which helps in achieving the balanced metabolism. The collection is ideal for casual occasions and can be hopped on for your training or workout sessions. Available in hues of blacks, blues and brown, The Healthy Kicks is a must have in every men’s footwear collection.

Ashish Jain, CEO and Director, Von Wellx Germany says, “We wanted to offer healthy footwear factor to all categories of footwear and thus decided to come up with our new sneakers collection. Since the youth today is super active and is spinning through different phases throughout the day, they often complain of foot pain. With this collection we aim at providing ease combined with maximum health benefits to them.”