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AFMEC eyes global Meet in November


Organised by Agra Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Chamber, the 10th edition of Meet At Agra will be held in November this year. The fair offers participants the opportunity to be recognized worldwide, to meet global manufacturers and brands and to focus on new trends and technologies of the supply chain.

Agra Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Chamber (AFMEC) will organise the tenth edition of Meet At Agra’16, the leading international trade fair for footwear ancillary, raw material and machinery, from November 12 to 14 at BSNL Grounds, Mall Road in Agra. AFMEC is a consortium of 105 footwear manufacturers reinforced by 45 associate members representing the allied industry from Agra and its surrounding areas.

Meet At Agra’16 offers partipicants an opportunity to be recognized worldwide as an excellence of the footwear sector, a unique opportunity to meet global manufacturers and brands and to focus on new trends and technologies of the supply chain.

Puran Dawar, President AFMEC
According to Puran Dawar, President AFMEC, “The tenth edition of Meet At Agra’16 allows us to promote the Indian supply chain and promote “Make in India” initiative in a vigourous way in the Northern region as well, together with West, East and central India. Companies specialized in raw materials, machinery, counter manufacturing and packaging coming to Agra will take advantage of B2B meetings, workshops and seminars which helps both the professional update and the development of new businesses. There will be a focus as well on the latest trends and make in India policy for the footwear sector.”
Rajiv Wasan, General Secretary AFMEC, said, “We believe that it is important to support this initiative, because it gives visibility to the Indian footwear supply chain, which is recognized worldwide for the quality and high standard of its production as an excellence of the made in India. The event is a great opportunity for Indian companies to establish new relationships with the most important manufacturers of India, launching their products and their businesses.”

Dedicated to the latest trends of the footwear industry, Meet At Agra’16 Forum will comprise of two seminars focused on trends, market analyses, regulations and new products. Prestigious experts, journalists, trade agencies, opinion leaders and brand managers will contribute to the event.

The relationship with style and trends will be stressed at the fashion show by the companies attending the show in workshops, exhibition and networking. The show is dedicated to outstanding footwear manufacturers.

Great attention is paid on innovation, thanks to the constantly changing industry. Exhibitors never fail to display innovative products year on year and propel the footwear manufacturers sector consistently.

The 9th edition of Meet at Agra 2015 concluded by creating an all time record in terms of participation of exhibiters, footfall of business visitors and the anticipated business. The fair was organized in 6,000 sq.m area accommodating 252 stalls and participated by 192 companies. The international participants were from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, China and Taiwan. Also, about 40 overseas companies from Pakistan and Bangladesh, to name a few, participated through their agents in India. Last year, Taiwan was the Focus Country as Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association participated with 12 leading companies from the country.

The show witnessed a total footfall of 19,000 plus visitors, with 6,661 were from known business houses. Finest leather from within the country and from overseas; latest technology in the form of various kinds of footwear machineries; wide range shoe components, accessories, adhesives and chemicals were displayed in the fair.

The chamber honours top three exporters at every edition. This initiative is the proof of the value that “Meet At Agra” gives to sector sustainability, innovation and research for the future development of the footwear industry. Also, the felicitations are extended to individuals who have dedicated a long service to the sector and grown the employemnet pool considerably, in the form “The Life Time Achievement Award”.

AFMEC has regularly pursued the presence of all the allied Councils, institutes, associations and bodies – FDDI, CLE, NCIC, IFCOMA, CLRI and many more.


“I love the energy and atmosphere at Meet at Agra – it’s really fabulous! What I like about Meet at Agra is that it’s highly organized and it caters to both its buyers and exhibitors.” 
– Amit Chopra | Shoes & Accessories

“The Agra show is great! We’ve had a wonderful response to our product, a lot of foot traffic and we’re happy with the quality of buyers here. Agra is definitely always an important city for us because you get buyers from across north & west area. We are exposed to a greater customer base just by being here.”
– Yogesh Madan | Enkay Soles

“We’ve been getting buyers from all different tiers and it has been very busy which is great..”
– Vipin Seth | Versatile Group

“Meet at Agra is an important show for us. Agra is a large manufacturing base, so it is great to be in a show in Agra. We are very happy to visit and source materials and the traffic is great.”
– Rajesh Kadam | INC 5

“Meet At Agra is a great show with great footfall. I like it because it’s not as stuffy as other shows; it provides relaxed, cool shopping environment that allows us to see the exhibitors we need to see!”
– Vikas Bagga | Provogue