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APLF 2024: Uniting Footwear Industry Leaders to Navigate Challenges and Embrace Opportunities


The upcoming Global Footwear Executive Summit, slated for March 20th as part of APLF 2024 in Hong Kong, is poised to delve into groundbreaking advancements in footwear production, materials, and branding strategies. This pivotal event will gather experts and decision-makers spanning various facets of the footwear industry for its fourth edition, offering a forum to address key challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Scheduled to unfold during the APLF trade fair, the summit’s agenda is carefully tailored to tackle pressing industry issues. William Wong, Consultant at the Hong Kong Footwear Association would be opening the inaugural session on Footwear Production and Supply Chain will delve into crafting solutions pertinent to the current landscape, characterized by a notable dissonance between footwear demand and supply.

Following this, a session moderated by Joel Lecroq, Principal Consultant of Super Lecroq (Xiamen) Consulting Co., Ltd, will spotlight sustainable materials within the footwear sector. Distinguished speakers include Thomas Walther Schmidt, Director of Innovation and RSL at Huafeng Textile Group; Herman Wong, Co-Founder of Affinity Network; Bernie Rhodes, Sourcing Director at Hunter Boot Ltd; and Neil Wright, National Sales Manager for Australia & New Zealand at Kamu Safety.

Concluding the summit, a session helmed by Amit Chopra, Managing Director and Founder of Shoes & Accessories Magazine, will explore the transformative concept of omnichannel and its implications for contemporary branding in retail. Esteemed panelists include Adang Zheng, Footwear Director of KOLON SPORT; Andrew Wood, Senior Commercial Director at Asia Pacific Steve Madden; Rajesh Kadam, CEO of INC.5 SHOES Pvt; and Vikas Bagga, Business Strategy Consultant at Zoom Shoes.

APLF 2024 The renowned Hong Kong-based leather trade fair is set to grace the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from March 19th to 21st, 2024, marking a triumphant return after being hosted in Dubai the previous year. As customary, APLF Leather & Materials+ and Fashion Access will run concurrently, offering a comprehensive showcase of industry excellence.