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El Naturalista, Spain Steps Into India


El Naturalista, the renowned eco-conscious footwear brand, has officially made its debut in India through Venus Steps & D Shoe Lounge in New Delhi. The brands entry signifies a notable achievement in offering sustainable, high-quality footwear to Indian consumers who value both style and environmental responsibility.

El Naturalista draws inspiration from the natural world, crafted with a commitment to sustainability. Brands dedication to the planet isn’t a passing fad but a core part of its ethos. Embracing eco-friendliness without compromising on comfort or quality. The Spanish brand is guided by the principle of sustainability. The brand prioritizes environmentally-conscious materials—recycled, biodegradable, and natural—while reducing toxic substances and increasing our reliance on renewable energy sources. 

Venus Steps & D Shoe Lounge, known for curating top-tier footwear collections, is excited to introduce El Naturalista’s range to its discerning clientele. The brand’s commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Venus Steps & D Shoe Lounge’s ethos of offering fashion-forward products with a focus on eco-friendly practices. 

El Naturalista’s collection, characterized by its fusion of nature-inspired designs and sustainable manufacturing, presents a range of shoes that embody comfort, durability, and eco-consciousness. The brand’s dedication to using recycled, biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly materials resonates with the growing demand for ethical fashion choices among Indian consumers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Venus Steps & D Shoe Lounge to bring El Naturalista to India,” said Patxi Sota, spokesperson for the brand. “Our footwear not only showcases unique designs but also represents our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. We believe that the Indian market, with its growing awareness of sustainable fashion, will warmly embrace our products.”

Venus Steps & D Shoe Lounge shares the sentiment, expressing enthusiasm about adding El Naturalista’s distinctive line to their collection. “We’re excited to offer our customers the opportunity to experience El Naturalista’s environmentally-conscious and stylish footwear. This collaboration reinforces our dedication to providing innovative, eco-friendly fashion choices to our patrons,” commented Mohit Mehani, D Shoe Lounge. The introduction of El Naturalista’s footwear brand at Venus Steps & D Shoe Lounge promises Indian consumers access to premium, sustainable footwear that combines comfort, quality, and eco-friendly design. The launch is set to provide a new avenue for conscious consumers seeking fashion that aligns with their values. The collection is now available at Venus Steps & D Shoe Lounge outlets, inviting individuals to step into a world where style meets sustainability.  Price Range : Rs. 3990-5990.