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Embrace the power of individuality with Melissa’s A/W ’19 collection: ‘Mirror’


Brazilian footwear brand Melissa launches its Autumn-Winter 2019 collection ‘Mirror’ – a reflection of how we perceive self-beauty. The collection is inspired by the individuality of women who are brave enough to find beauty within themselves as Melissa believes each one is uniquely beautiful.

With today’s trends and technology, social media has been a platform for dictating what the ideal standards of looks should be. ‘Mirror’ represents those who choose to depict their true selves and it celebrates those who decide that their authenticity is their true beauty.

As a part of the Mirror campaign, four women – Patricia Avelino (Beauty Influencer), Juliana Rocha (Photographer), Carol Soutello (Human Influencer) and Lune (Illustrator) share their stories on their relationship with beauty and acceptance. Based on the concept of this collection, these four influencers from different fields encapsulate everything it means to have knowledge of their own self. Melissa’s new collection draws parallels from this concept as they offer a wide array of styles and colours for all those sporting their unique beauty.

Made with the revolutionary Melflex material, Mirror showcases a large variety of lightweight designs in fresh and energizing pastels, neon and neutral colour palettes which turn casual into extraordinary. Ranging from girly, vibrant flip flops, to perfect on-the-go Mary Jane sandals, eccentric platforms, open sneakers, boots, heels, and bags – Mirror has something for everyone.

Melissa shoes are hypo-allergenic, highly elastic and being 100% recyclable, they are environment-friendly. Its impermeable attribute makes it the perfect accessory for the Indian monsoons. Melflex brings flexibility, comfort, and durability to every pair of Melissas.