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EVERGLASSES encompasses three Ray-Ban lenses

Evolve Photochromic Lenses, Clear Lenses and Blue Light Filter. Always on your checklist when you leave the house, you are never without a pair.


Ray-Ban is refocusing on an ongoing mission with the launch of a new product category: Everglasses,

a lifestyle accessory for everyday use. Everglasses encompasses

three lenses: Evolve Photochromic Lenses, Clear Lenses and Blue Light Filter.

Evolve Photochromic Lenses are light-sensitive, automatically adapting
to shifting light conditions. With UV400 protection for almost complete sun protection, you never need to take them off. The new Clear Lenses fit Ray-Ban frames, and you, perfectly; defense, comfort and authentic style all in one. Both Evolve and Clear Lenses are also available with a Blue Light Filter, designed to reduce visual discomfort induced by blue light. Perfect for those who are always in front of a screen, Everglasses improves visual comfort in front of digital devices through blue light filtration.

The new category comprises a wide selection of styles for every individual and any situation. The Aviator, Wayfarer and Square frames are available with Evolve Photochromic Lenses.