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Melissa X Marc Jacobs


The collaboration between Melissa and Marc Jacobs for a capsule collection is a true masterpiece that blends fashion with sustainability. The collection comprises two stunning styles that draw inspiration from Marc Jacobs’ ready-to-wear line and are designed using eco-friendly materials. The Melissa Clog + Marc Jacobs is made of Biobased EVA, a sugarcane-based compound that ensures exceptional comfort and lightness. The collection’s colour spectrum varies from classic black and off-white to bold red, blue, and original silver, catering to diverse tastes. The Melissa Becky + Marc Jacobs is made entirely of 100% recyclable plastic and incorporates recycled PET bottles, making it an excellent example of sustainable fashion that doesn’t compromise style.

Melissa’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the collection. The brand’s focus on biomaterials, recycled elements, and a reduced carbon footprint is apparent in the use of Biobased EVA, a sugarcane-based compound. The packaging is also 100% recyclable, reflecting Melissa’s broader commitment to eco-friendly practices.