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Narayan Jewellers Unveils “The Empress Collection”


Marking their milestone 80th year in business, Narayan Jewellers launched “The Empress Collection,” designed in partnership with Forevermark and Bibhu Mohapatra during New York Fashion Week on Tuesday, February 11. Actress Madeline Arthur, Jessica Pinmentel, Stephanie Beatriz, fashion influencer Victoria Barbara amongst others attended the show and were spotted wearing Narayan’s new Empress collection. The new collection will be available at Designer Bibhu Mohapatra’s studio on 14th & 15th February for a curated Trunk Show.

The Empress Collection features new designs from Narayan Jewellers including ear climbers and jackets, in addition to signature styles including chandelier and asymmetrical earrings, cocktail bracelets and rings. Taking inspiration from Mohapatra’s luxe designs, the collection is for a woman who is bold, strong, independent, caring, loving and takes her own decision. The collection truly defines an NJ Woman. Created to complement a glamorous winter evening ensemble, natural elements such as flowers, dew drops, the sun, the moon, and stars are incorporated throughout each piece featuring responsibly sourced Forevermark diamonds using 18 karat white and rose gold.

Narayan Jewellers have participated in New York Fashion Week in partnerships with Bibhu Mohapatra for five seasons and is proud to introduce this exclusive collection to reflect the rich tapestry of the Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

“With our 80-year legacy, we have led the brand with a perfect blend of modernity and heritage as we always had the foresight to be present in the global market,” says Designer and Co-Owner Ketan Chokshi, Narayan Jewellers. “The response Narayan Jewellers has received at New York Fashion Week and experience on this global stage has been a perfect stepping stone in continuing to expand our presence in the International market. The Empress collection crafted in handpicked Forevermark diamonds, is thoughtfully designed to accompany Bibhu Mohapatra’s newest collection.”

“Narayan Jewellers’ legacy has always been about building traditions, generation after generation, with a contemporary outlook just like that of the House of Bibhu Mohapatra. We strive to design pieces that could one day become an heirloom to future generations but are reflective of modern times and themes,” says Designer & Co-Owner Jatin Chokshi, Narayan Jewellers. “We have been crafting our heritage with values that encompass an elevated aesthetic, creativity and luxury.”

“This is the fifth time Forevermark, our fine jewellery partner and I have collaborated with Ketan and Jatin Chokshi of Narayan Jewellers, who have created an exquisite collection of fine jewellery crafted with handpicked Forevermark diamonds, named “The Empress Collection”. Narayan Jewellers is a legacy couture jewellery brand led by two brilliant jewellery designers Ketan and Jatin. They have unique design sensibilities that speak to a global audience. It is amazing to see the different concepts they come up with like the Ear climbers, ear jackets, asymmetrical earrings and how beautifully they execute these concepts using the finest technology in fine jewellery, bringing these pieces to life. I’m especially thrilled to have collaborated with Narayan Jewellers on their 80th anniversary year and wish them the very best. Previously also we have had successful partnerships and this year the empress collection is a perfect match for the Bibhu girl this fall 2020 season. It’s beautiful, dynamic, confident, modern, intricate and Indian”, shared ace designer, Bibhu Mohapatra.

Bibhu Mohapatra Fall/Winter 2020 collection is inspired by the modern Indian woman. Tying together the history of women throughout all facets of Indian culture, along with influence from the strong women in the designer’s life, the Fall/Winter 2020 collection weaves together a narrative of the modern Bibhu woman. Influenced by Indian poet Amrita Pritam’s novel Pinjar, a story of a young Indian woman, Paro, abducted by a man with the backdrop of the partition of India, the collection is a celebration of today’s resilient women, who demonstrate their strength and courage against all odds.

Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark India, said, “Forevermark is built on trust and offering genuine, natural diamonds to our customers. We at Forevermark have always worked with like-minded brands that not only showcase innovation but also act as flag-bearers of exceptional design. Bibhu brings his talent to the couture while Narayan Jewellers presents their craftsmanship in the jewellery highlighted with Forevermark diamonds. The Empress Collection is a representation of the exquisite detailing by Narayan Jewellers. With this show, one will witness the high-quality and finesse of Indian workmanship and design on a global platform.”