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Surprise, Surprise: Converse x pgLang Is Back


The Converse x pgLang partnership is back, this time with a plot twist. Debuting in a black colorway of the pgLang for Converse Chuck 70, the collaboration introduces a chance-driven experience that will randomly ship one of two new variations of the shoe when it is ordered on converse.com. 

Founded in 2020 by Kendrick Lamar and his longtime collaborator Dave Free, pgLang is a multidisciplinary company that includes a record label, production house, publishing house and more. The company is driven by a mission to tell stories that transcend language and connect people through shared experiences — even if that includes a little luck.

The collaboration’s second installment reintroduces a minimalist interpretation of the Chuck 70, this time in black with two variations. Close examination reveals subtle differences between the two pairs. One features Converse Navy pinstriping on the left shoe and Irish Cream on the right; the other features Irish Cream pinstriping on the left with Converse Red on the right.

The pgLang for Converse Chuck 70 also brings back hiking-style eyelets lining the upper and an asymmetrical rubber varnish. Messages and graphics on the insole and outsole nod to pgLang’s mission of transcending language. A “pgLang for” tout is embossed above the Chuck ankle patch on the canvas upper, blending Converse’s classic style with pgLang’s creative philosophy.