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Greensole: Peta-Approved Shoe Brand


Greensole, a Peta-approved vegan shoe brand in India aims to contribute to the betterment of social and environmental aspects by manufacturing sustainable vegan shoes to consumers. This first-of-its-kind eco-friendly footwear brand also upcycles discarded shoes into comfortable footwear to underprivileged kids along with building a self-sustainable social venture.  

It offers a wide range of stylish and comfortable footwear that includes slip-ons, sport, lace-up and flip flops. Each pair is handcrafted to perfection using sustainable material. All the footwear uppers are made from rewashed canvas, dye print and come with comfortable and breathable padding. With Greensole footwear you can now look stylish and feel good as you take a step towards conserving the environment. 

Till date, Greensole has successfully provided 3,32,000 footwear. What sets Greensole apart is that each purchase’s revenue would go to refurbishing shoes and donating to children in need and opening skill centers. In 2018, Greensole started its first skill center in collaboration with Tata Steel and Lion’s Club, Noamundi. The brand also creates employment opportunities for women in rural areas. 

In 2018, Greensole’s footwear also walked the ramp of Lakme Fashion Week twice. In 2017, the brand was awarded by Lexus India Design and The Social Entrepreneur of the year 2017 by Franchise India and The Economic Times.

Commenting on the brand, Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami, Co-founders of Greensole said, “As athletes, we ran hundreds of kilometers every year. We also ran through at least three to four pairs of sports shoes every year. The soles were in good condition but the shoe sides tore within months. This made us wonder if we could find some use for the intact soles of these quality sports shoes. A bit of research led to the idea of refurbishing them into trendy slippers.”

“Today, Greensole, which is a successful culmination of social, economic and environment-friendly potential, is an initiative that has been recognised and appreciated by the likes of Ratan Tata, Barack Obama and Forbes Asia 30 under 30. With Greensole, we aim to support our three pillars of change – social, environmental and economic and make a huge impact,” concluded the Co-founders.