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Metro Brands Ltd. clinches ‘Iconic Brands of India 2023’ Award from The Economic Times.


Metro Brands, India’s premier footwear brand, has earned recognition as one of India’s Iconic Brands at the esteemed sixth edition of “The Iconic Brands of India Conclave” by The Economic Times. This prestigious award underscores Metro Brands’ unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, as well as its enduring impact on the Indian fashion and retail landscape. Founded in 1955, Metro Brands has been synonymous with quality and style for over seven decades, consistently evolving to meet the ever-changing fashion preferences of its discerning customers, offering a diverse range of footwear for every occasion and taste.

Deepika Deepti, Sr. Vice President of Marketing at Metro Brands Ltd., expressed, “We are honored to be acknowledged as one of India’s Iconic Brands. Our success is built on seven decades of learning and adaptability to enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint. We deeply respect the skill and craftsmanship of Indian artisans, which not only enrich our offerings but also strengthen our customer relationships. Our core focus is customer-centricity, with a commitment to retail excellence in all aspects to deliver exceptional products and services.”

Under the Metro Brands Ltd. umbrella, a robust portfolio of brands has thrived, including iconic Indian names like Metro Shoes and leading international brands such as Fit Flop, FILA, and Crocs. The company’s growth, blending Indian heritage with international flair, reflects its steadfast dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The Iconic Brands of India Conclave, hosted by The Economic Times, is a prestigious platform dedicated to recognizing businesses that have achieved remarkable success while contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth and cultural identity preservation.

With a rich brand legacy and a commitment to excellence, Metro Brands derives strength from its extensive expansion plan and growth strategy. In the ever-evolving retail and footwear landscape, Metro Brands maintains its prominence by adeptly navigating changing market trends and staying ahead of the competition. Over the next two years, the company envisions opening 200 new stores, demonstrating its dedication to increased resilience and profitability.

Metro Brands’ journey has been marked by numerous milestones, including the expansion of its retail presence across India and internationally. Today, it boasts a widespread network of stores, offering customers an enchanting shopping experience.