Amar Shoes & Leather Wears, a leading manufacturer of exclusive leather shoes announced the launch of their finest assortment of exquisite leather Men’s Footwear in India.

New Delhi: With roots in time-honoured and deep-seated footwear making expertise, Amar Shoes inexhaustible portfolio of distinctive leather products are of high repute globally.

“We recognize that there is a growing demand in the men’s market for stylish, sustainable footwear. In fact, EZOK’s journey started after a few years ago. After gaining manufacturing expertise and being in the business for over 30 years, we thought of taking a chance in retail with our own brand – a complete design-to-dispatch brand that will awaken all the senses of people worldwide, turning heads with each design. We see huge potential for its growth — on a comparable trajectory to our export business. Just as we’ve pushed for a more sustainable future in export, we’re proud to continue paving the way for sustainable innovation in our new venture.” Arvind Bajaj, Founder EZOK Shoes

Arvind Bajaj, EZOK SHOES with Anil Sharma, INC5

Taking the expertise in leather shoes, EZOK extends the stylishness to its exquisite line of men’s shoes.” Commenting on the launch of EZOK Shoes, Arvind Bajaj said, “The core of the brand lies primitively in offering premium quality at economically pricing. The Indian consumer has a typical choice but craves a durable and quality product. It is probably the right time to be in India and be a part of the India growth story. We are responsible manufacturer therefore we are sourcing materials locally from India however they adhere to REACH standards (an EU compliance) and internationally compliant norms.”

Arvind Bajaj, EZOK SHOES with Ismail Ajani, Hollywood
Amit Khanna, EZOK SHOES with Harvinder Singh, Wings Shoes
(L-R) Rohit, Arvind Bajaj, Mohit Mehani

He added , “ The retail market has a strong  potential, however, It’s very essential to associate with the right people, who value our quality and design. So, we took our time and only entered the market once we found the right partners. We launched our brand online earlier this year and have seen an excellent response and we are very confident that the collection will also be well received and appreciated by offline players. The brand is being produced at our own manufacturing units in Agra & Noida.”

Influencers at the show
Anuj Chawla, Delco Shoes

Surender Thukral, Venus Steps and Mohit Mehani, D Shoe Lounge
Arvind Kumar, Elvin Entp.
Bhanu Pratap, MNK Sports
Deepak, Metro Shoes
Mukesh Bindal (Badarpur)

EZOK products are made with the same degree for detail as produced for leading global brands, using the finest materials and carries the unique craftsmanship of our manufacturing. The 150+ models offer everything that are high on style and that a quality focused individual would expect to add to their wardrobe. The collection is produced from the same high quality, premium leather and enhanced with the same seaming techniques that a premium product is made with.The collection has been designed with a stylish language that has been carefully planned down to the smallest detail. The grand evening reception hosted 100 plus dealers and 30 plus influencers from across India. Today, EZOK presents itself as a leading manufacturer of men’s shoes. EZOK Shoes will be available in India at MBO’s, retail Chains and leading stores across India along with online platforms like Nyaka, Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio and Myntra etc. The collection encompasses Sneakers, Boots, moccasins, comfort, casuals, and dress shoes. The collection will be priced at a range starting at Rs 2,400 to Rs 3,999.

Arvind Bajaj, Amit Chopra & Surinder Thukral, Venus Steps
(L-R) Abhinav, K Sons – Preet Vihar, Lalit, Arvind Bajaj & Amit Khanna
The EZOK Team
About EZOK:
EZOK is owned by Amar Shoes & leather Wears. The company produces each and every pair at its own manufacturing units. Nearly 1000 plus people work for Amar Shoes. On a production area of 25,000 square meters, Amar Shoes manufactures more than 1 million pairs of shoes each year for global premium brands which are retailed in over 60 countries. Ezok presents you 162 current footwear models.