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Taiwan’s Innovation at the Smart Manufacturing Pavilion in India


Date: 04/07/2024 – New Delhi, India

In a bid to elevate India’s shoemaking industry to new heights, the eagerly anticipated Taiwan Expo 2024 is poised to make a significant impact with its Smart Manufacturing Pavilion. Scheduled to take place from July 8th to 10th in New Delhi, this event, organized by the Taiwan International Trade Administration (TITA) and executed by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), promises to introduce cutting-edge advancements in footwear manufacturing.

Setting the Stage for Innovation

The Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion is not merely an exhibition of machinery; it represents a strategic initiative to reshape the future of Indian shoemaking. With over 13 leading Taiwanese shoemaking innovators confirmed to participate, the pavilion aims to foster collaborations that will propel Indian businesses to the forefront of global competitiveness.

A Glimpse into What Awaits

Attendees can expect a dynamic lineup of activities designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and business networking:

  • Guided Tours and Matchmaking Events: Participants will have the opportunity to embark on guided tours of the Expo, gaining firsthand insights into the latest technological advancements. A tailored matchmaking event will facilitate direct interactions between Indian stakeholders and Taiwanese manufacturers, paving the way for strategic partnerships.
  • Showcase of Cutting-Edge Machinery: The pavilion will feature a comprehensive display of state-of-the-art shoemaking machinery and system integration solutions. From enhancing production efficiency to ensuring unparalleled quality, these innovations are set to redefine industry standards.

Among the distinguished exhibitors set to showcase their expertise are:

  • TIEN KANG: Known for high-performance machinery designed to optimize production speed and precision.
  • Horng Chii Machine Industry Co., Ltd: Innovators in efficient production processes, offering solutions that maximize output with minimal resources.
  • Yessing Machinery Co., Ltd: Leaders in rapid PUR lamination curing and precision gluing tools, essential for high-quality shoe manufacturing.
  • CHUAN CHYI MACHINE CO., LTD: Providers of advanced conveyor systems that guarantee uniform glue drying and reduce operational errors.
  • Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co., LTD: Pioneers in sustainable materials and eco-friendly solutions, ensuring durability without compromising environmental integrity.

The Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion presents a unique opportunity for Indian stakeholders in the footwear industry to explore, engage, and innovate. Whether you’re seeking to streamline production processes, expand market reach, or forge new business alliances, this event promises to be a cornerstone in the journey towards industry excellence.

For more information and to plan your participation at the Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion, visit Taiwan Expo India 2024.